From blogs to VLOGS (and podcasts)

Hey there! Wow, it’s been over 1 year since my last formal blog post and a lot has happened since then. Today, I’m going to explain why I haven’t been writing any blogs (like this one you’re reading right now) on my website.

Writing blogs was the natural way for me express myself as I launched this website back 2016. I enjoyed writing (and still do) and wanted to share my journey of triathlon to the world in hopes of inspiring others out there through my journey. Last year, I shifted from writing to video and audio. With inspiration from Gary Vaynerchuk and other awesome creators on YouTube and social media, I really gained a passion for YouTube vlogging and podcasting to spread my message. Hence, right now in 2019, my content will be mostly focused on YouTube videos and podcasts.

YouTube: record, edit, upload

In March of 2018 I bought my first DSLR (Canon SL2), an external mic, and a 10-18mm wide angle lens. I started posting YouTube vlogs to my channel, Jeremy Tri, and although the whole process takes a TON of time, I absolutely loved it. I learned how to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro and I’m studying strategies on how to really succeed and grow an audience on YouTube. I posted a bunch of videos throughout 2018, but can and need to do more! Consistency and patience is key to succeed in the YouTube marathon. I’m just getting started and just need to DO and EXECUTE more! The mission of my YouTube channel is to encourage and inspire beginner triathletes and those who are interested in swimming/biking/running, into the sport of triathlon.

Podcast: mic check 1, 2, 1, 2

In February of 2018, I launched my podcast, The Triathlete Beat, which shares the same mission of my YouTube channel. On the podcast I give triathlon tips and have interviews as well. This year, I really want to get more guests on the show to highlight the stories of athletes just like you and me: those who have day jobs, train in the evenings, race on the weekends, or are just beginning their athletic endeavors….those who have a passion for their craft, but do it on the side, as they have a ton of other life responsibilities as well. It would be cool to be like the Rich Roll Podcast, but for the more common, everyday person. We’ll see!

My writing lives on…

Although I don’t formally write blog posts anymore, I still have to write A LOT. For every podcast, I write a detailed, outlined script that I use as my guideline when I go live. I also have to write the podcast Show Notes for each episode. For each YouTube video, I create a script for the story of the video, an outline of the shots I want to capture, and the video description that goes below the video on YouTube. It all really takes a lot of brainstorming, creativity, and thought!

The creation continues

I’ll still probably post written blogs every now and then, because I do believe in spreading one’s message in as many places as possible to maximize reach. You could also say I’m still blogging, but via the mediums (platforms) of YouTube and Podcasting. In general, I just really love taking a thought, bringing it from ideation to fruition, and putting it online for the world to see…for others to enjoy, or be inspired from. It’s just me talking about my passions and there’s a purity in that; a sense of fulfillment.

Putting out content is a long, tedious process and it takes a lot of work. However, I really enjoy it and hope that it takes me to the most exciting and fulfilling adventures ahead. Cheers to the journey.

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Question of the Day

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