Where in the World is Jeremy Tri?

My blog was awfully quiet in 2017. Why, you may be wondering?

Racing & blogging: *crickets*. Life: POWER MOVES

I only did 2 races in 2017: the Miami Half Marathon and the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, where the swim portion was cancelled due to extremely rough water conditions. Bummer. The race was just a duathlon - bike and run. Oh you know, the swim through the chilly and rough waters of San Francisco bay was just the apex of the entire race, which I had dumped more training in than biking/running, and flew across the U.S. just to experience for the second time. Luckily, I got my swim fix at Aquatic Park two mornings in a row prior to the race, which once again, was still an amazing and unforgettable experience. Afterwards, I ventured onto a sweet solo West Coast trip that I had planned while I was out there; I hit over 20 breweries combined from California to Portland to Seattle (but that's another story).

Zero. None. Zip.

Now that I think of it, I technically did 0 triathlons last year. That's pretty crazy, because in the past few years, I've done at least 5 triathlons per year. I also only uploaded 1 blog post in 2017 which was a 1-year-overdue race report of the 2016 Escape from Alcatraz race. Better late than never?

Saved money on races but like I have a mortgage now

Triathlon got bumped down my priority list last year, mostly because I was busy settling into the next chapter of my life: After living for 3.5 years in Tampa, FL I moved back home to South Florida, got a new job, and was fortunate enough to buy my first home. It was a challenging year, but also a year filled with many blessings and joys with my family and friends.

Gettin' my groove back

It's 2018 and #JeremyTri is coming back full force! As I share my journey of triathlon, I'm going to be putting out more content and expanding this site (spoiler alert: craft beer and coding coming soon). I hope to provide value, entertain, inspire, and maybe...convince a few of you to tri.

Where in the world is Jeremy Tri? Right where I need to be.