iOS Development

This August 2016, I recently started learning iOS development with Swift. Just to see what I could do in one weekend, I designed and created an iOS app called RemarkaBrew. RemarkaBrew is an app focused on enabling anyone drinking beer, whether a casual drinker or connoisseur, to quickly and easily rate the beer they're drinking. The app is currently in development with plans to be released very soon.


remarkabrew logo

I've really fallen in love for the flat design UI genre. While I know that flat design, just like any design genre, should be used solely for the best benefit/experience of your users, I really just wanted to try it out myself. Thanks to a couple Udemy courses, I was able to use Adobe Illustrator to create this pretty cool beer mug icon. This won't be RemarkaBrew's final logo, but it is currently serving as a frothy inspiration.


main page

The main page will allow the user to enter their beer to begin the beer review process, as well as have access to their favorite beers, reviews, and profile. UI/UX and color scheme haven't been completely accounted for in these barebones, initial screens. Please see Future UI below for a more targeted UI state.


Future Ui

Ultimately, I want to go for super clean and minimal look for the app. Here are a couple screen mockups that I created in Photoshop using the TETHR iOS design kit by Invision. Warning: your eyes may be cringe from the lack of color (I haven't decided on a theme yet).